Sold – AC Tojeiro Prototype

Sold – AC Tojeiro Prototype

Available is the car that started the entire AC Ace, Bristol and Cobra line of cars.

In 1953 the owners of the AC motor company were looking to modernize their products.  They could design something new themselves or find something suitable and copy it.

At the time John Tojiero was producing very fast sportscars on a limited scale. The car offered was built by Tojiero and shown to the AC company owners. After some hurried negotiations the decision was made to purchase this car and use it as the prototype for their new car, the AC Ace.

After purchasing the car was updated by the factory with their AC engine, steering and other AC components.  It was on the AC stand at the 1953 Earls Court motor show alongside a show chassis.

The car was extensively raced thru the 1950’s and improved as time went on. It had the original AC engine changed for a Bristol engine and then a Ford engine at about the same time the factory updated the standard production models.

The Autocar. Nov 1953.


Autosport. Nov 1953


Autosport June 1954


Autosport. Oct 23, 1953.






  • Location: CT
  • The actual prototype AC Ace.
  • 1953 Earls Court Motor Show Car
  • RAC Rally factory entry in 1953
  • Autocar road tested by John Boster
  •  Grandfather to the Shelby Cobra.
  • Unseen in decades.

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