Rapley Classic Cars tent at the
Lime Rock Historic’s.

1957 Mercedes Gullwing.
1951 Dagrada 750S (we think).
1953 Frua bodied Nardi Danese.
Left to Right:

A great venue to enjoy the company of friends and look at some great cars.

The experts are still researching the history of this car. It is believed to be the missing Dagrada 750 Sport that raced in the 1951 Mille Miglia.

1957 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing.
An Icon!

A nice pair.  1951 Dagrada and 1953 Frua bodied Nardi Danese.

Tom Cotters nasty old Cunningham – Love it!

Just goes to show, they don’t all have to be concours.

Mr and Mrs Wang’s  Ferrari 250 Interim Berlinetta. Wow!

1934 Maserati monoposto 4CM Chassis 1120

Maserati 300S.  I think this is another from the Wang collection.

Rapley’s little Sebring Sprite.
Small but muscular.

Maria Rapley with the old Jag.
A part of the family
(both the lady and the car).

Jerry Bensinger spent the weekend exercising the Jaguar XK150S.  Thanks Jer!

We suspect that this was the most photographed car of the weekend.

Head shots!   Thanks to Adam Lerner.

Mr and Mrs…

Our favorite. Brescia Bugatti.
What fun could be had in this little gem!

Bugatti Type 50’s galore!

Packing up for home!   See you next year Lime Rock!