Sold: 1953 Nardi 750 Frua


The stylish little Nardi 750 has been sold. We are pleased to announce that Rapley Classic Cars will be fully involved in the restoration of the car to concours condition.  The new owner plans to take the car to Concours events in America and Europe. Plus the occasional rally. We will document the restoration and keep you posted on progress.  Congratulations to the new owner. This is going to be fun!


Sold: 1954 Cunningham C3 Coupe

Our Cunningham C3, 1 of only 18 coupes produced, has been sold and shipped to California.  It is going to be fully restored by Hall Fabrication and Racing in Benicia, California. ( Stuart and his crew are very well known for their Cobra restorations and are the ideal people to handle the restoration of an American Special such as this Cunningham. We anticipate seeing her at Concours and Rally events in the next year or two. Congratulations to the new owner and thanks Stuart for finding a new home for this special car.


Sold: 1967 Jaguar E-Type Project

“Scruffy, but full of possibilities” is how we’ve heard this E-type described – and we agree.  She’s been sold to a new owner in California. Few things feel and look as good as an E-type coupe at speed. We hope that she’ll be back on the road before too many years pass.