The Porsche GT3 is the benchmark everyday track car. It’s reasonably comfortable, fast, nimble, friendly to drive, and yet a weapon on the track. This 2018 model makes it a 991.2 model car, as it is the face lifted 991 version of the GT3. These cars came with a 4.0 liter flat six motor making 493 horsepower, and they scream all the way up to 9000 RPM. These cars race to 62 MPH in around 3.4 seconds with a PDK gearbox. The 991.2 cars brought back the manual transmission option that was missing in the 991.1 version, a welcome addition for any enthusiast that likes to row their own gears. However, this car has been optioned with a PDK automatic transmission.

This particular GT3 has truly been smashed. We can only imagine this was a very high speed accident, as the entire front end of the car is crunched all the way up to the cockpit. Even the interior is disfigured! Despite the nature of this accident, the drivers area seems to have done its job which speaks to the safety of modern high performance vehicles. We hope everyone was okay! The Carfax states that this is a one owner car, but unsurprisingly it adds no value here. The Carfax also shows only one odometer reading “8 miles” so it seems the car was crashed very soon after being purchased. A shame!

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