The Ferrari 250 GTE is a part of the 250 series cars, which for the most part used the 3.0 liter Colombo V12. The 250’s of all guises were produced from 1953-1964. The Colombo V12 was praised for being lightweight, but powerful at the same time. In the GTO and Testarossa, this engine made 296 horsepower! This engine actually weighed half that of the Jaguar inline six of the period, that’s impressive! The 250 GTE was the 2+2 model; more room was made for passengers by pushing the engine further forward in the chassis. In the 250 GTE the Colombo V12 made 237 horsepower, quite a bit less than the GTO. A little less than 1000 GTE’s were produced, and they had an MSRP of $11,500 when new (about $95,000 in today’s dollars).

This is a pretty interesting find! It’s a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTE powered by a 1963 Chevy 327, and backed by a heavy duty Muncie 4 speed, the seller notes a lot of custom work went into making the whole package fit correctly. It is currently a non running project, but the body looks straight and rust free. It would be great to either get it running and driving, or source a Ferrari power plant and swap it in (assuming it isn’t too highly modified at this point).

Check it out on Craiglist in Orange County, CA:

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