1954 MGTF 1250cc with wire wheels.

A cluster of MG’s have appeared on Craigslist in Minneapolis, MN.

In the photos we can see a cluster of MGBGT’s, a scruffy Morris Minor, MGA Roadster, MGTC, MGTF 1250cc, Austin Healey 100/4 (tucked in the back), an old Toyota Landcruiser and a Singer Le Mans. Who knows what else might be hidden in there!

There are three listings full of old MG’s. We are unsure if they are from the same collection or separate listings.

1949 MGTC. This was the last year of production.

The MGTC was the car that led the British car craze. In 1949 if you wanted something sophisticated, stylish and sporting then an MG was probably near the top of your list. What better way for a young man to stand out from the crowd.

Here are the listings.

1954 MG MG TF good condition

1949 MG TC car complete needs work

1967 MGB GT cars good condition – $4500


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