The Fiat 600 is one of the highest production number cars to come out of Fiat, with over 2.7 million made between 1955-1969. Fiat was pumping out almost 1000 of them a day at the peak of production. The Multipla (which means multiple) had three rows of seating, which meant it could carry six passengers. These little cars were rear engined and water-cooled (hello budget Porsche?), using a 633 CC motor to produce 21 horsepower. They took 43 seconds to get from 0-50 MPH, which could make it one of the slowest cars of all time. Yet, they served a serious purpose and were used as family cars, taxis, and the like.

This Multipla carries a clean title, and has a two tone white and blue paint job. Not much is said regarding this vehicle, but it is thought to have its original motor and transmission, and it does run and drive. The car has clearly seen better days, and definitely has its fair share of patina, but how can you not love it?!

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