While Crosley’s are not usually our thing we couldn’t pass up this beauty in period livery.

Cal’s Pontiac Co. Sales, Service and Parts.
915 Charles St, NO Prov, RI. PA.25700
Pick up & Delivery.

We don’t know much about Cal’s Pontiac but we do know that they received an award from Pontiac in 1962. More recently the location was home to Wigwam Saab.

We assume that this little pickup was used to deliver Pontiac parts to local repair shops.

See the listing here:  https://providence.craigslist.org/cto/d/exeter-1948-crosley-pickup-original/6820865862.html

Postwar Crosley’s were powered by a 750cc engine producing 26hp and getting 35 mpg. These engines were the mainstay of H-mod racing in the USA thru the 1950’s. Siata and a few other Italian manufacturers made sportscars with the same engines in them. Most notably Siata and Nardi Danese.

The 750 Crosley engine was a design reminiscent of pre-war Bugatti or Alfa Testa Fissa engines. A separate crankcase (where the crank shaft sits) with cylinders and head mounted, as a unit, on top. No head gasket needed as the cylinders and head are one inseparable casting.

By the way, what is that in the background? A Morris Oxford Pickup?
This Lad has some interesting old Commercial vehicles.

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