Like many exciting things in life it started out as a normal day. A friend knew of a man in New Jersey, about an hour away, with some interesting sportscars. Nothing for sale yet, but maybe soon. Perhaps we should visit?

Mid morning, we arrived at a normal house in a suburban neighborhood and after some time conversing about sportscars, racing, aircraft and various other interesting subjects we went around the back to have a look at the cars.

In the back yard was the back fence and behind the back fence was a long steel building. Inside an automotive Aladdin’s cave!

Lamborghini Miura S, Ferrari 330 GTC, Lamborghini Islero S, Ferrari 330 GT, Fiat Dino Spyder, Maserati Mistral, various Alfas and some vintage small bore motorcycles.

1Front row. Miura S (4707). GTC (10521).IsleroS(6444)

3Ferrari 330 GT (7875). In the back you can see the gills of an Alfa Montreal

All had been sitting for a number of years, untouched. My eyes didn’t know what to focus on first.
4Fiat Dino Spyder (00502)

5Lamborghini Islero S (6444)

6Ferrari 330 GTC (10521)

The owner had become friends with a NY dealer who’s business included importing cars and during the 1970’s and 80’s he had quietly acquired them one by one directly from Italy. He had used them actively thru the early 2000’s but his focus had moved onto other things and they’d sat for a few years.

He was beginning to sound like a man ready to let go of old friends. An offer was made. Hands shaken and a deal was made! Five cars, just like that.

Someone told me that the most exciting things in life happen immediately after someone says YES. This was one of those times. The afternoon was a flurry of activity. Money changed hands. Trucks were called. Garage doors opened.

104707 outside for the first time in a while.

71Ready to load.

87875 heading home.

Groundhog day – If we had to live one day over and over again, this might not be a bad choice.

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