Full Market Value for your car

Whether you have a 1950’s Italian classic in perfect condition, a barn find, or a modern classic from the 1990’s we can help maximize the return you get from the sale of your car.

With over 25 years in business we have the experience, skills and connections in the collecting world to find a new home for your car.



Our promise to our clients.

Transparency, Simplicity and Control.


You will know who the new owner is, plus you will see all the paperwork involved in the sale.


From advertising, to trucking, title transfer and exportation (if needed) we will handle all of the details.


Your car can come to our facility or can remain in your garage, allowing you the greatest flexibility and control.

Step 1. Valuation. Contact us to determine the Value of your car, Sales plan and Fees involved.


Step 2. Sign the Consignment agreement.


Step 3. Photography, Research, Advertising and Sale.